About Halo: A Green Circle salon

HALO Salon was originally opened in 2015 by Brighty Rhyme. The idea was to create a relaxing and easy going atmosphere where clients are able to come and really let go of everything else and get their hair done. After the very first small size 3 hair chair size salon was tested out it was time to move up a little more. Brighty partnered with her very talented friend from beauty school Laura Weeks. Together they opened a 5 hair chair salon in Midtown Reno. For three years the two of them grew HALO into exactly what the original idea was, a calm and easy going atmosphere. They managed to become a high rating salon with all of the wonderful reviews made by their clients. Then came the time for the next upgrade. The HALO Salon family will now be at their newest location closer to South Reno. This is an 8 hair chair salon, donning beautiful decor with flickers of copper and calming blue. They are the second salon in Reno to become a Green Circle Salon. What does this mean exactly? Almost every thing is recycled. From the leftover hair color to the hair trimmings… everything is repurposed. This keeps millions of tons out of our environment. Not only is HALO a Green Circle Salon they also are a supplier of KEVIN MURPHY hair products. Kevin Murphy is an Australian stylist who has come up with the most incredible hair care products inspired from skin care. All of his packaging is created using 100% recycled ocean plastic. Kevin Murphy is the first company to do this. HALO is passionate about the environment and is now focusing on doing their best to leave as little footprint as possible. We hope you stop by and check out what we are all about. HALO Salon will have a handful of new faces to help assist with every clients needs. We look forward to meeting you!